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Uniform Details

Students at Eastside Lutheran College wear their College uniform with great pride. It is a uniform that has been very well received by parents and students alike.

The uniform code of the College is adhered to very strictly. Uniform requirements are outlined in the following:

Standards & Expectations
All students are expected to be neatly dressed in the appropriate uniform at all times.

Formal uniform - should be neat, clean and well maintained at all times. No other items of clothing should be visible under the uniform (t-shirts under college shirts should be plain white).

Sports uniform - is only to be worn on designated sports days; parents and students are asked to make themselves aware of these days. There may be variations to the designated sports days and notification of such changes will be made in the school newsletter or by class teacher notes, as required. Sports uniform and formal uniform are not to be mixed.

Spray Jacket – is not to be worn in class.

Jewellery - shall be limited to a single sleeper or stud style ear-ring, worn in the lobe of the ear and wrist watches. No other jewellery or ornaments are permitted.

Make up - no make up or nail polish is to be worn at school.

Hair – hairstyles and colours are to be subtle and tidy. Outlandish hairstyles are unacceptable. Hair longer than collar length must be tied back with either a navy or maroon ribbon.

Tattoos – should not be visible.

Beards – all students should be clean shaven.

Allergies – students with diagnosed allergies to some fabrics may not be able to wear certain items of our uniform, there are alternative items available so please see the Uniform Coordinator.

Exemptions to these requirements may be given at the Principal’s discretion. Applications for exemption must be submitted in writing.