Our Lutheran Values


The Lutheran Church

The Lutheran Church, the world’s oldest and largest protestant church, is one of the world’s major churches. It dates back to the Reformation and the teachings of Martin Luther. Luther insisted that the Bible is the authority that decides what the church should teach and do. The word ‘Lutheran’ was given to the people who believed that Luther was correct in his interpretation of the Bible. There are over 75 million Lutherans worldwide.

Lutheran Education Australia

Lutheran Education Australia has been supporting communities since 1839, providing Christian education some 170+ years. Today LEA is a leading provider of early childhood and school education across Australia. In 2012 over 42 000 students were enrolled in our 138 early childhood centres and schools supported by more than 4000 staff members.

At the heart of Lutheran education are our students. LEA is committed to building safe, engaging communities which provide Christian education with hiogh standards of teaching and learning.

Eastside Lutheran College

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