Our Curriculum Focus

At Eastside Lutheran College, teamwork contributes towards excellent outcomes for students through a carefully planned and articulated flexible program catering for individual learning needs.


We Offer

  • Small classes of 25 or less with aide support

  • High levels of individualised pastoral care

  • A clearly articulated and continuous learning program from Kindergarten to Year 10

  • Christ-centred spiritual growth starting each day with a devotion, a Christian Studies program and a weekly chapel services and assemblies

  • A literacy and numeracy support program across the college

  • A dedicated Learning Support Department

  • A specialist music teacher, PE teacher, language teacher, art teacher, drama teacher and ICT teacher.

  • Highly qualified and experienced staff

  • A student leadership program

  • Academic excellence

    For more information, see our Teaching & Learning Framework  and Learning Enrichment Framework

Eastside Lutheran College

15 Acorn Drive, Warrane, Tasmania 7018 | Phone: +61 (03) 6244 6885

(03) 6244 6885