Our Vision



Lovingly supporting a thriving, caring community of life-long learners, each one a special child of God.


We will assist students to:

  • Develop Christian morals and a code of ethics displaying such traits as honesty, integrity, responsibility, tolerance and resilience.

  • Be supported by and be supportive of others.

  • Care for and respect self, others and environment.

  • Be motivated, confident, high achieving learners.

  • Develop interpersonal skills including, friendship, team work, people skills and leadership.

  • Exercise problem solving skills, practice articulate communication, goal setting and skilled thinking.

  • Have a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Eastside Lutheran College

15 Acorn Drive, Warrane, Tasmania 7018 | Phone: +61 (03) 6244 6885

(03) 6244 6885