Mission Statement

Statement of Faith

Lutherans believe that humans are saved from their sins by God’s grace alone (Sola Gratia), through faith alone (Sola Fide), on the basis of Scripture alone (Sola Scriptura). 

Lutheran education is for all, regardless of ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, ability or disability, provided that they and their families undertake to support willingly and freely the purposes of the College.

Staff, parents, students, the church and the wider community actively collaborate to provide an environment where all can strive to reach their full potential under God.

Our Mission

We exist to provide a caring, stimulating and safe environment, where students are challenged through high-quality educational programs and practices to strive towards personal, social and academic excellence.

Our Ethos and Values

As a Christian learning community, we aspire to provide a culture and ethos permeated by the core values of love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, service, humility, courage, hope, quality and appreciation. Each student is seen as a unique person created by God. God made them and loves them and provides each of them with dignity and worth. All children have their own talents and needs as well as the potential to live useful and fulfilled lives in the world.

We strive to provide an education of excellence and recruit highly qualified and committed teachers. While there is a major focus on teaching and learning, at ELC we offer far more than that. When a family joins our College they become part of a community that strives to be a secure place that offers warm, caring relationships and a safe environment. We see each student as being unique with their own particular gifts and needs. Our approach is not to ask what students and their families can do for the College but what the College can do for them.

To provide a quality learning experience for all its students we incorporate into the learning program the curriculum requirements and guidelines set in place by the Tasmanian State and the Australian Curriculum. We cater to a wide range of abilities, including gifted and talented students and those with learning difficulties. The teaching program emphasizes key competencies, stimulates thinking skills, and integrates technology into the curriculum. We also endeavour to provide a wide range of quality co-curricular activities in areas of outdoor education and the arts.

At ELC we believe that God has given parents and caregivers the prime responsibility for the education of their children and we work together for the welfare of students on the basis of shared aims and values. We hold ourselves accountable to parents for the progress and welfare of our students and provide regular communication for our families.

At ELC parents are encouraged to be involved in their children’s schooling and to participate in College life.

Our Gospel Based Values

Our values are based on the Gospels. ELC operates as a Christian community and our Christian ethos is the glue that holds us together. The College’s motto ‘Christ Our Rock’ underpins our values and these are not just taught in a Christian Studies class.

The Word of God permeates each class at ELC and is evident in our words and actions. As we (staff and students) actively grow in our relationship with God, the Gospel of Jesus teaches us to be in service to one another, love our neighbour and embrace diversity.

Growing Christian Attitudes

We also aim to grow Christian attitudes and relationships which permeate and integrate through a child’s entire life and work, thereby helping them grow as a caring community of lifelong learners. We seek to inspire young people to learn and serve, as we prepare them for their life beyond school.


Gospel informed learning

The Gospel of Jesus Christ informs all learning, teaching and human relationships. Through daily devotions, weekly chapel services and dedicated Christian Studies lessons, we aim to impart and maintain a framework of Christian attitudes and relationships, with each child knowing they are a special child of God.



Godly Characteristics

The teaching and learning programs of the College promote the characteristics of God through the explicit teaching of our core values. Love, justice, compassions forgiveness, service, humility, courage, hope, quality, appreciation.