Ownership & Governance

Eastside Lutheran College is a College of the Lutheran Church of Australia and it operates under the guidance and advice of Lutheran Education; Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania District (LEVNT). The Governance of the College is overseen by a College Board.

The College Board deals with governance of the College including development of policy, budgets and stewardship of the College. The Board’s role is to develop a strategic plan to ensure the future development of the College. A framework of policies is developed to support this plan and the good management of the College. The management, operation and leadership of the College are administered by the Principal.

Any person wishing to communicate with the College Board should do so through the Chairperson. However, all issues relating to the College should firstly be raised with the Principal.

College Board

Board Chairperson

Mr. Stephen Kroker

Vice Board Chairperson

Ms. Kim Baumeler
(Church Council Chair)

Council Member

Mrs. Sonia Weidenbach

Mr. Johnathon Heidenreich

Mr. John Cuthbertson

Pastor Peter Noble

Ex Officio

Ms. Ruth Ferguson (Acting Principal)

Mrs. Narelle Green (Business Manager)

Ms. Annalise Weidenbach

Church & Congregation

Eastside Lutheran College is privileged to maintain a very close relationship with our founding church, St Peter’s Lutheran Church, Hobart, which congregates at the St Peter’s Centre on the College Grounds. The St Peter’s Congregation established the College and continues to provide valuable support to the College. The St Peter’s Centre is also used for the weekly College Chapel service and is also available for wider use by the Community.

The Church has a vibrant Youth Group and activities are shared through the College Communication Channels.

The Church holds services every Sunday at 10:00am – 11:00am. For more information about St Peter’s Lutheran Church please phone the College Office (0362446885) or go to: https://www.splchobart.org/