Student Code of Conduct


1. Introduction

1.1. Eastside Lutheran College (the College) is committed to ensuring a safe and harmonious environment of learning and community. We aim to provide an open, welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for all members of the College Community. 

1.2. Students should understand that there are consequences which flow from all behaviours. Consequences of student behaviours which are unacceptable to the well-being of the College community can include verbal reminders, warnings, additional duties, detentions, suspension and expulsion. In addition, consultation with parents and student counselling may be required. A breach of this Student Code of Conduct may require the College to implement its Behaviour Management Policy. When considering a breach of the Code of Conduct, the College aims at all times to be fair and consistent whilst appreciating that every situation also needs to be judged on its own merits. 

1.3. All members of the College community are encouraged to accept responsibility for their own actions, consider their behaviour towards others, and respect authority. The College community’s expectations about standards of behaviour are drawn from the Lutheran teachings on which the College is founded. 

1.4. This Code of Conduct is intended to provide a set of general principles and guidelines to guide students in their interaction with staff, other students, parents and the wider College community. It applies to all students currently enrolled at the College, herein after referred to as “Students”. 

1.5. This Student Code of Conduct outlines the way in which the College requires Students to conduct themselves when attending the College campus, participating in College activities and communicating with members of our community (including staff, parents and other students). 

2. Acceptable conduct

2.1. Students are required to: 

  • treat all students, staff, contractors, volunteers, parents and visitors of the College with courtesy and respect 
  • express themselves in a virtuous and responsible manner 
  • value the individual differences of others 
  • listen and be open to other peoples’ point of view 
  • utilise services available at the College in an appropriate manner 
  • take advantage of learning opportunities 
  • cooperate with the teaching processes inside the classroom 
  • seek assistance from others as required 
  • listen to and act on progress reports from teachers and other staff members 
  • comply with any reasonable direction given by a staff member of the College 
  • meet assessment criteria to the best of their ability 
  • take advantage of decision-making opportunities 
  • wear the College uniform at the College and at all College events when required 
  • uphold the reputation of the College by observing an appropriate standard of behaviour when wearing the College uniform and observe appropriate personal hygiene standards 
  • respect the property of other students, staff and of the College 
  • be punctual and attend all classes 
  • comply with all safety policies and procedures in place at the College 
  • uphold the College’s core values at all times 
  • speak to other students, staff, contractors, and volunteers with courtesy and respect 
  • communicate with other students, staff, contractors, and volunteers in a clear, friendly and open manner 
  • respect the privacy of other students, staff, contractors, and volunteers 
  • listen respectfully in the classroom and when attending any kind of College assembly, activity, presentation, class event, or public meeting

2.2. Students must not: 

  • use violence of any kind at any time 
  • interrupt or disrupt a teacher, staff member or volunteer whilst classroom instructions or learning activities are taking place 
  • raise their voice when speaking to other students and staff 
  • discipline or reprimand another student 
  • bully, victimize or harass students, staff, contractors, volunteers, and visitors of the College 
  • take a photo or video recording of another student unless the parent of the student is present at the time and consents to the photo or video recording being taken 
  • smoke cigarettes or attend the College whilst under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs 
  • deliberately exclude another student or treat a student differently to other students 
  • speak to other students in a derogatory or offensive manner 
  • post a photo or video recording of staff on social media without the individuals’ consent 
  • post a photo or video recording of a student on social media without obtaining consent from the student’s parent beforehand 
  • intimidate, undermine or threaten other students 
  • disclose the personal details of a student to another person without consent 
  • share their password for the College intranet with anyone 
  • bring weapons or unsafe, dangerous or inappropriate equipment, materials or tools to the College 

3. When using social media

3.1. Students recognise the potential for damage to be caused, directly or indirectly, to the College and others as a result of their personal use of social media especially in circumstances when they can be identified as a student of the College. 

3.2. When using social media, students must: 

  • respect a person’s personal environment and must not harass other people online; 
  • act with integrity 
  • not use social media to voice grievances about the College 
  • make every effort to ensure that they comply with the College’s Social Media Policy 
  • be respectful to students, staff, contractors, volunteers and parents 
  • not create accounts that hold themselves to be affiliated with the College 
  • never reveal confidential information relating to the College, staff members, contractors, volunteers, other parents, and/or students at the College 

3.3. Students must not post on social media defamatory, offensive, inappropriate or other material that may damage the reputation of the College. [This includes not disparaging the College’s Christian teaching or acting in a manner which is disrespectful or contradictory to the College’s Christian ethos.] Students understand that the College may remove or report to the eSafety Commissioner any post on social media that breaches this requirement. 

4. Making a complaint

4.1. When making a complaint to the College, students are required to act in a manner consistent to the Student Code of Conduct. 

4.2. Disputes between Students and the College are dealt with on an individual case basis. The normal procedure is through the College Grievance and Complaints Policy and Procedures. If a student is unable to resolve a grievance he or she may seek resolution through discussion with the Principal or their representative. 

5. Breaches

5.1. Students should report any cases of behaviour in breach of the Student Code of Conduct to a teacher or staff member in confidence. 

5.2. Any person may notify the Principal of a possible breach of the Student Code of Conduct. 

5.3. The Director of Student and Staff Welfare or their representative will investigate the complaint to determine whether there has been a breach of the Student Code of Conduct or other policy. 

5.4. If satisfied that a breach has occurred, the Director of Student and Staff Welfare or their representative may implement disciplinary action against the respondent such as a warning, direction to provide an apology, exclusion from extra-curricular programs or suspension from the College grounds for a period of time. The Principal may make the decision to expel a student. Any decision made under this clause will be made in line with the College’s Behaviour Management Policy. 

5.5. The College reserves the right to vary disciplinary procedures for a particular misdemeanour by weighing the interests of individual students against those of the wider College community. 

5.6. If a respondent or their parents are unhappy in the application of this Code, they should raise the issue in accordance with the procedure set out in the College’s Grievance and Complaints Policy. 

5.7. In accordance with applicable legislation, the Police or Department of Human and Health 

Services will be informed of any unlawful breaches of the Student Code of Conduct. 

Adopted 2020 

Reviewed 2021